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Matinées à la Maison du Soleil

Matinées Environnement and content

Opportunity for children of all ages to gather under our French roof and feel safe and HAVE FUN in French, to their level of ability! It's just like being at home...

Babies, toddlers, children, childcare providers, even teenagers or adults with a young heart are WELCOME!

Songs, short videos, books, collective games, all while speaking French, gets them great exposure to the language,

Time to play instruments, sing, dance and jump around gets their energy flowing artistically!

Free or directed crafts, cooking, indoor and outdoor board games/physical games - all of this provides them with a platform to express themselves.

Our goal during our Matinées:
Foster a loving environnement among each other, bringing the best out of everyone, no matter their age or language background - all while learning French not even knowing it!

Participation options

Tracked out students are welcome to join the Matinées on any given week.
Take this program daily or weekly:  1-4 mornings/wk or 1wk/month,...
Drop in for the morning every now and then.

Monday - Thursday 9:00-12:00pm


Requirements for registration:
One time registration fee: $100 per family
Rates are per Matinée = 3hr unit 
Minimum of 4 matinées a month required to register into our program
Only 12 children spots available per Matinée: Registration taken on a first come first serve basis

Toddler - 10 year old:
4 matinées/month =              $150     1 day/wk or 1wk/month
8 matinées/month =              $270     2 days/wk 
12 matinées/month =            $378     3 days/wk 
16 matinées/month =            $480     4 days/wk
"Drop In" participants option, contact Ecole2France, conditions apply.

Other participants:  Flat fee per matinée, regardless of amount purchased for a month
Same requirements apply as for the children

Teenagers (10-18 years old)    $40
Individual adult                      $45
Caregiver Learner                  $21
French speaking assistant caregiver: receives a FREE Family Fundamentals session/wk.


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Please contact us:


Phone: 1-888 ECOLE 21 (888-326-5321)

  E-mail: info@ecole2france.com