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      Course Name

Fundamentals Group Classes

     Family Fundamentals                                    

     Kids Fundamentals (5-10 years old)               

     Teens/Adults Fundamentals                           

                    $15/hr per child             
                    $10/hr per accompanying adult 
                                      of child over 3 years old


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Classes by Level Group Classes





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Workshops group Classes

     Teens practice                                               

     Fundamentals for Teens/Adults Practice           

     Conversation for Teens/Adults                         




               or take it for half price!

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     5 days/week                                                  

Track out Camps ( Maison du Soleil Program)

     4 days/week                                                  



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(supplemental to student's classroom curriculum) 

      SAT French AP French,  CNED                




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French for Travel

French for Business
        For both Travel and Business:

        If taken individually, private 
         lesson fees apply ($55/hr).

        If taken as a group, group
         fees apply ($30/hr).

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Private Lessons                                           
(any Adult group class may also be taken as a private lesson)

       DELF, DALF, and TCF                              


cost of administering practice test)

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Terms and Conditions


For a group course, full monthly payment is due every 15th of the month prior to class.

For private or tutoring lessons, payment for the trial lesson is due prior to the first class, then monthly payment is due prior to first class of each month.

Please note that private/tutoring classes will be canceled if payment hasn’t been received beforehand.


Some courses may require the purchase of books.


No cancellations or refund claims can be made after the beginning of the course for group courses.


Total refund for courses cancelled up to two weeks prior to beginning of courses.

80% refund for courses cancelled within the two weeks prior to the beginning of courses.

24-hour notice

If you find it necessary to cancel a private or tutoring lesson, notice must be given 24hrs prior to the scheduled lesson time.



Please contact us:


Phone: 1-888 ECOLE 21 (888-326-5321)

  E-mail: info@ecole2france.com