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School Directors

Nathalie Miller (school administration) 

Email contact - info@ecole2france.com

I have always believed that where my treasure is, there my heart will be also.

I was born close to Lille, in the North of France with a passion for people and a vibrant desire to introduce all ethnicities to French. This desire eventually led me to become a French literature and Language teacher.


After spending one year in Apex, NC I met a wonderful American man.  Soon after we were married and just recently we welcomed our first born son, Maxence.


When Maxence was born, we seriously considered moving back to France in order to immerse him (and my husband) in the French language and culture. Little did I know that my desire to raise him in the French language could be met here in Cary, NC.


During this time I was teaching at a French language school called Ecole2France. I was offered to take ownership of the school and even run it out of my own home here in Cary, NC!

January 2010 started our adventure as we welcomed our first students as well as the return of three other teachers, one being in charge of our Chapel Hill location. 

My treasure is to invest into people’s lives. Ecole2France allows me to infuse my passion for French into so many lives, coming from so many different backgrounds, all heading into various directions, all in need of French!

Ecole2France is where my heart is!


Amélie Nocek (curriculum development and                 


Email contact - amelie.nocek@ecole2france.com

Born in Lille, France, I started dreaming about traveling around the world at a very young age.

I began exploring the many beautiful areas of my home country as well as the surrounding border countries.

After studying languages and how to teach French as a foreign language, I took off! First to China for three years, then back again to France for a short time, and now in the United States.

My passion toward foreign cultures, their languages and people from anywhere in the world has led me to a life of teaching French as a foreign language. 

It is such a joy for me to teach French and to reveal its secrets to our many and diverse students.  We have a country so rich in beauty and uniquely wonderful cultural life!

I am thrilled now to have become part of Ecole2France. I am glad that my path has crossed yours, and above all, honored to be able to accompany you whatever your level and needs may be.  

I will be by your side step by step in your journey into French. My desire is to see you blossoming in your practice of our language and culture.

Bienvenue à l'Ecole2France!